About Leafy Mom

Leafy Mom was born in 2020 by the designers and furniture manufacturers Anna Pujol and Miguel Acha. When her daughter Ona was born, the desire to design and manufacture for her arises and to be able to share this feeling materialized in objects.

Attracted by the nobility of wood within their professional fields, they started the Liken Wood project in 2017. They began to work and study the wood with their own hands and in a self-taught way. Its main objective is to design and manufacture furniture with sustainable wood and generate emotions in its public with Liken furniture.

Later, with the birth of her daughter Ona, Leafy Mom arrives unexpectedly. With it, also arises the need to design ingenious solutions to achieve the free and conscious development of the little ones and warm homes.

In 2023, there is a change in brand management. And it's Mora Play, a brand of toys and wooden games, who now manages Leafy Mom with the same love and goals as Anna and Miguel started all this.

We continue to pamper each piece to reach your homes and suit your needs. But most of all, we follow the same philosophy when we design and produce:

We apply a new and evolutionary philosophy, uniting craftsmanship with design.
We combine infinite respect for wood with a constant exploration of its capacity and potential. This makes us contemporary as well as timeless, creating pieces designed to last, conceiving design as an implicit value in everything we do.

We passionately support what life gives us.
Because we are part of the environment, we consider ourselves nature activists. It is our constant source of inspiration and being fully connected to it is what allows us to create what we call furniture with soul. Each piece we produce will be a seed that will propagate this respect and connection to what is important.

Zero waste is not a utopia, it is our reality
The circular economy is for us a basic principle in our way of manufacturing. Our wood is mainly local and certified (PEFC and FSC) and we carefully take care of our processes to convert the largest waste into accessories, others into firewood or biomass and, finally, the waste resulting from processes such as sanding is sent to processing plants. recycling or a neighboring urban garden. In addition, our glues are free of formaldehyde; the linseed oil and the dyes and varnishes used are 0% VOC and the paper and cardboard of the packaging come from recycled materials.

As good children of the forest, we have our Burrow.
We cannot conceive of living without it. It is our refuge to be in symbiosis - like the lichen in nature itself - with the great family made up of all those who live, work and collaborate with us. Through workshops, materials research, product presentations, etc., we will empower our ecosystem so that we – and our community – can constantly grow and evolve.