Design and manufacture?

As designers we love to be involved in the processes of materializing our ideas, and we do not conceive of separating the design process from the manufacturing process.

From our creative essence, the possibility of being in contact with the material that will be used to make an object provides a lot of vital information for a complete development of the process, in this way we can establish a bidirectional creative process, from the moment we detect a need until the we convert it into an object, we go through experimentation processes with the material, we study both technical and sensitive factors, which end up redefining the initial design.

We design to manufacture, the constructive detail is in our DNA, that is why we do not usually create without knowing how we are going to materialize it, although creativity sometimes takes us outside of our usual processes, we end up finding the way to make ideas come true: testing.

All this experimentation is reflected both in the production process and in the final product, being able to go within each step to create a piece, we can observe significant improvements in the optimization of time,