Made in Barcelona

We manufacture conscious pieces, from our house to yours.

Our own manufacturing allows us to control each process so that the piece you have fallen in love with is perfect, we know from where the wood comes from, to how it is delivered.

We are designers and manufacturers, this allows us to be deeply involved in the quality of our products and services.

We support and promote local production, we align ourselves with the thought of responsible consumption

It is not a secret that producing furniture and accessories in Asian countries is very competitive from an economic point of view, however we believe that the environmental impact of freight transport, working conditions in production centers, the possible use of non-certified wood and the use of harmful chemicals, represent a burden that we are not willing to assume or promote.

Being able to have our own workshop allows us to closely link our clients with the product they take home, having the possibility of visiting us, seeing the wood that will be transformed and knowing first-hand how we make it possible.