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Birostris Wood Reading Helper

Birostris Wood Reading Helper

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An extra hand never hurts, in this case, the Birostris reading aid!

  • It helps us to be able to read with one hand.
  • Allows you to keep the book wide open without losing the page.
  • We can hug or hold our children while we hold the book.

Its use is simple, insert your thumb into the circle and place it through the opening of the book while you hold it with the rest of your fingers on the outside of the book, the curved shape of each of its wings will help to maintain the open book.


Technical information:
Wood: Birch plywood with FSC certification (Wood from forests exploited through responsible and sustainable management).

*Why Birostris?
This gadget is inspired by the shape of the manta ray and gets its name from the scientific name of this wonderful animal.

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