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GAIA kitchen

GAIA kitchen

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Kitchens have been a crucial piece of furniture in the pretend game because they encourage their autonomy, creativity, and imagination.

This tiny kitchen was created as a result of observing how our daughter played; she showed an interest in opening and closing drawers and doors, moving objects into and out of specific locations, transferring food, and serving tea.

GAIA kitchen includes:

  • An oven with a removable tray and a drop-down door.
  • Three rotating button wheels for the oven.
  • An oven-mounted drawer.
  • A shelf and a door.
  • A crack beneath the counter.
  • Four removable burners that can be removed to create a flat surface.
  • A faucet that rotates.
  • A pike that is eliminated as well
  • An upper sliding door
  • Two kitchen measures can be created removing the legs.
  • It has hooks for brooms, bags, and rags.
  • NOT A SCREW. Its hinge system, doors, and accessories are all made entirely of wood.
  • With the tools provided in the pack, assembly is simple and requires no screws or glue.

Technical information
Made of FSC certified birch plywood (wood from forests managed through responsible and sustainable management).

All our furniture, except the unoiled, is finished with natural and non-toxic oils. If you buy unoiled furniture, we recommend that you varnish, oil or paint it as you like best.

Width: 31 cm
Length: 74 cm
Height: 97 cm

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