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Wooden pregnancy plates

Wooden pregnancy plates

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Here life begins!

They are the little wooden plates to remember how your tummy has grown each week during pregnancy, and to show that there is nothing more magical in the world than the arrival of a baby.

It is a lot of 7 birch wood veneers (without inks or lacquers) engraved on both sides, it includes:

-This is where life begins

-12 weeks / -16 weeks

-20 weeks/ -24 weeks

-28 weeks/ -30 weeks

-32 weeks/ -34 weeks

-38 weeks/ -40 weeks

-Waiting for you to be ready/ Waiting for you to be ready.


Technical information:

Diameter of the pieces: 10 cm.

Thickness: 3mm

Material: birch plywood (without stains or lacquers) double-sided engraving,

It is delivered with a fabric bag that has the Oeko-Tex® certificate, which guarantees that the fabric meets quality standards in terms of the use of chemicals and that no substance harmful to health has been used in any of the phases of elaboration and printing of the fabric.



Designed and made by leafy mom ;)

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